How To Eat Healthy Without Sacrificing Chocolate

How To Eat Healthy Without Sacrificing Chocolate

Good eating habits have long been known to be a way for people to stay healthy and in shape. The Department of Health and Human Services explains that healthy eating includes consuming lots of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats while limiting the intake of trans fats, sodium, and sugars.

This can become a problem for chocolate lovers since the popular sweet is known to contain some unhealthy ingredients (sugars and fat). But there are a few ways to have good eating habits without taking chocolate away from your diet completely. 

How to have a good diet while still eating chocolate

Eat it in moderation

Health enthusiasts know that eliminating something from your diet, especially when you love it, can create unnecessary cravings. It is why restrictive dieting is not ideal for anyone. In lieu of this, you can eat chocolate in moderation. Consuming sweets like the iconic Sponge Candy is okay to do once or twice a week. And on these days, make sure not to eat too many other sugary foods that might elevate your insulin levels.


Offset its effects

Another way you can have a good diet without sacrificing chocolate is by eating foods that will manage or lower blood sugar. Medical News Today suggests that eating whole-grain carbohydrates, such as rye and rice, has been proven to lower glucose levels in comparison to processed grains like bagels and white bread. Sweet potatoes and oatmeal also have similar effects on your body. If you are eating sugary foods like chocolate, you can also add these ingredients to your meals to help offset the effects the confection may have on your blood sugar.

Try getting better chocolate

The last thing you can do is to try getting better quality chocolate. This doesn’t necessarily mean buying more expensive chocolate. When choosing what to get, be sure to check the nutrition label. A person should eat only 24 grams of sugar and 77 grams of fat per day. Going over this limit will lead you to bad eating. Choose chocolate that has less of these per serving so you know you aren’t consuming too many unhealthy things. You can also consider trying our Mini Chocolate Buffalos, which come in a dark chocolate version. Dark chocolate is known to contain less sugar than traditional milk chocolate.

Healthy eating doesn’t always have to mean sacrificing foods you love. By consuming sweets in moderation, offsetting its effects, and looking at the nutrition labels, you will be able to have a good diet while still enjoying chocolate.

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Written by Colleen Veronica