About us

A Century of Fine Chocolates

Fowler's Chocolates, is the original and authentic Sponge Candy maker of Buffalo NY, proudly distributing fine confections such as Sponge Candy, Almond Butter Crunch, Sea Salt Caramels, Chocolate Covered Popcorn, Assorted Truffles, and more through its six retail locations in Western NY and an online store. In addition to availability in our retail outlets, Fowler's Chocolates are available for corporate gifts, weddings, and Fundraising for any individual or organization.

The story of Fowler's Chocolate Shoppe, Inc. began in 1901 with a young entrepreneur by the name of Joseph A. Fowler. After living in England and Canada, Joseph traveled to Buffalo, NY in order to attend the Pan American Exposition. At the exposition, he created and sold a small variety of chocolate confections and sweets. The instant acceptance of his products, along with great encouragement from his patrons, inspired Joseph to pursue candy making as a career. With his brother, Claude, Joseph opened a small candy store in Buffalo.

In 1910, Claude decided to start his own business, concentrating on the making of taffy and candied apples, and catered to carnivals, fairs and other public gatherings. Claude passed away in 1942, but three generations of his family have carried on his taffy business, now prominent in most carnivals and fairs in the western New York area.

Joseph A. Fowler passed away in 1944, yet succeeding generations have continued the chocolate business that he began nearly a century ago. Joseph's sons, Joseph C. Fowler and Ray Fowler, carried on the business and were responsible for the success and growth of the company throughout the '50s and early '60s. In 1961, Joseph C. Fowler's son, Roy, joined the corporation, and in 1968, Fowler's Chocolate moved its operations to a 10,000 square foot building. This new facility enabled the company to double its gross sales.

In 1993, the company was purchased by Buffalo residents Randy and Ted Marks. At that time, the business had greatly expanded and had outgrown its old location. The company was relocated to its current address at 100 River Rock Drive in Buffalo.

The Original Fowler's Chocolate Company, Inc. proudly distributes its products through five retail store locations in western New York. In addition to availablity in our retail outlets, Fowler's Chocolates products are available for Corporate Gifts, as well as Fundraising for any individual or organization.

Fowler's is Real Chocolate

All chocolate purchased by Fowler's to make their confections, begins as seeds from the cacao tree, the Theobromo Cacao - a Greek phrase that means, not surprisingly, "food of the gods." The seeds (or beans) of this tree are shelled and degermed to produce cacao butter and cacao solids. As a rule, the higher the percentage of cacao solids used in the production of chocolate, the finer the quality will be. Fowler's purchases chocolates that consist of up to 60% cacao solids - a much higher content than candy created by most chocolatiers.

From the time the company was founded in 1910 by Joseph A. Fowler, through its present ownership by the Marks family, Fowler's has proudly attributed its success to the uncompromising quality of its chocolate products and its relentless pursuit of excellence in service. We have a passion for making high quality confections in a safe manner.

In 2018 Fowler’s became SQF certified. The Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program is a rigorous and credible food safety and quality program that is recognized by retailers, brand owners, and food service providers world-wide. 

SQF Certification means that our process for making our candies is verified and documented. Our food safety and quality controls have been effectively implemented, validated, and monitored. The results of a strong SQF Program are safe products, brand confidence, and reassured customers. It addresses food safety requirements, provides proof of due diligence, encourages more responsible agricultural and manufacturing processes, and complies with regulatory requirements.


Our Business Practices

We understand our customers' concerns for where their food comes from and the welfare of others around the globe. We share in the concern about the safety and well-being of children who live in areas where cocoa is grown and do not support the use of child labor in the cocoa bean industry.
As a small, family-owned business, we understand the importance of being a good community member, and do not receive the chocolate to make our fine  products in its raw bean form. It comes to us already processed into cocoa powder from suppliers who work with the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI), which focuses on developing programs that address important issues that impact cocoa farmers, including child welfare practices. We have no contact with--or contracts with--cocoa bean growers.

The rights of children around the globe and the working conditions from which we receive our ingredients is of the utmost importance to us, and we will continue to carefully monitor our sources.