Sponge Candy 1 lb.

Sponge Candy 1 lb.

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Type of Chocolate

Bite sized Sponge Candy the 'taste' of Buffalo. Our creamy milk, dark or orange chocolate surrounds a tender but crisp interior, intense with flavors of caramelized sugar. We're the original maker of sponge candy, handcrafting in small batches for a fresh and exceptional taste experience, just like you remember. 1 lb.

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Customer Reviews

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Sharon Bromley

I bought sponge candy to give as a gift it was wrapped beautifully and the recipient loved it!! Keep up the great work I will be back- the sales girl was great friendly and over extended her duties. She was great and helpful


Grew up in Buffalo, so super excited to have access to their sponge candy and orange chocolate again! Quality is still superior all these years later! Highly recommend!

Suzanne Mall
My Gooey Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy

I purchased a large box of my husband’s favorite chocolates for Father’s Day, the dark chocolate sponge candy. Each of us had (1) piece and both us of experienced a gooey inside instead of a crunchy filling like it usually is. I took it back the next day for a new box, but the girl said that her manager told her, no refunds and no exchanges for a new product. The poor girl offered to give me her discount code to purchase another box, because she was embarrassed. It’s crazy to expect an unhappy customer to rebuy the same product, paying for it twice.
As a business owner, I have never heard of any business not wanting to make it right for a customer. I was very disappointed as I essentially threw away $30 plus dollars.

Constance Degeorge

Living in the south now where no one has heard of sponge candy, it’s is the best! Ordering was a breeze and delivery even faster! It’s not the first time I have bought Fowlers candy, so will definitely be buying again!

Carole Dunfee
Exceptional Sponge

So glad I found Fowlers on fb! I've made sponge many times and never get it quite right (too much air). This sponge and chocolate coating is perfect in every way. Shipping was perfect as well, no worries with melting.